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Can transsexual womens give breastfeed. Unknown effects.

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We Breastfeed Each Other's Kids

Can transsexual womens give breastfeed

And gosh, within about a month, I guess, I was producing milk! However, Reisman said the case has also attracted questions about whether men could now breastfeed. It is also understandable that some men might want to breast-feed. But this may be because breast-feeding is associated with socioeconomic status. Surely the well-being of children should take precedence over the desire to breast-feed. She took it with increasing doses of the hormones oestrogen, progesterone and spironolactone. The couple obtained it on their own in Canada, and Ms. They were not immediately available for comment on Thursday. However, men don't usually lactate much because of the differences in hormone levels between men and women. After three months of treatment, this increased to grams of breast milk per day. I think it strongly reinforced my sense of womanhood. The amount of milk they are able to make will vary according to many factors. They discussed with the couple using domperidone, an anti-nausea drug known to increase breast milk production. Induced lactation refers to the initiation of lactation in women who have adopted a baby and others who have not borne a child but want to breast-feed. It relies on the anti-nausea drug domperidone, which is banned by the FDA due to heart health risks but widely used in Europe and Canada. She says she can see the potential benefits of breastfeeding, but that the long-term impact of this milk on the baby — including on subtle measures like IQ — is unknown. There are also cases of transgender men carrying pregnancies and breastfeeding, she said. Can transsexual womens give breastfeed

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Can transsexual womens give breastfeed

Can transsexual womens give breastfeed

Can transsexual womens give breastfeed

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    She was able to exclusively breast-feed the infant for six weeks, when bottle-feeding was added to ensure that the child was getting enough milk.

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    Does a transgender person have to give birth in order to breastfeed? However, is there an ethical way to find out?

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