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Easy ways to have anal sex. Watch Next.

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How to Have Anal Sex

Easy ways to have anal sex

You might have heard that too much lube takes away the friction that makes it feel good for the dude. Assume the Right Position Three optimal positions for first-time anal sex include: Just because your man is insisting on it doesn't mean that you have to do it with him. Even folks who are very experienced with anal play can enjoy the experience more when you start off slowly. Some women say this combo feels overstimulating in the best way. It also hurts less because you're not as tense and nervous if you liked it the first time, that is! Don't be afraid to reapply frequently. Or not! Incidentally, women who have had anal sex report more frequent orgasms than those who haven't. If you want to try it, try it; if you don't want to try it, don't. Oh, god, yes! Also, tell them if it feels good! Pay attention the buttcheeks too! And finally Not really. Easy ways to have anal sex

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Easy ways to have anal sex

Easy ways to have anal sex

Easy ways to have anal sex

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    Your bum doesn't produce natural lubrication the way your vagina does, so this is an absolute essential. Think of it as making the new thing a side dish rather than the main course.

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