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Goodison park is the most intimidating ground. Recommendations.

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Aerial Drone Footage of Everton's Goodison Park Football Stadium

Goodison park is the most intimidating ground

Here are five other notable games when the Goodison bear-pit had the opposition running for cover. No more so than in when Champions League bound Everton rocked the Red Devils on an electric night under the lights. St james park-could be a handful to go to if in small numbers needed to stick together at this ground as Newcastle would pick off any one they could who they thought was Sunderland fighting amongst each other was a highlight of these as they were looking for who is Sunderland. The Upper contains wooden seats and supporting pillars giving restricted viewing of the playing area. Despite the atmosphere Wenger does boast a good record on Merseyside with just two defeats in his last 10 visits to Goodison. Maine road-city were always a nasty bunch and the ground was in a shite place for away fans as all locals knew every angle of the ground and used it to advantage. Duncan Ferguson powered a second half header home - sparking wild scenes of celebration - to keep the Blues on course for a fourth place finish. Read More. Despite this downside, Everton still has one of the best atmospheres in the land due the the vociferous support and intimidating attitude of the locals. A brilliant gesture and a good bit of PR. Goodison park is the most intimidating ground

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Goodison park is the most intimidating ground

Goodison park is the most intimidating ground

Goodison park is the most intimidating ground

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    There are various, expensive, car parks around the stadium. Not top of my list for away days. His last visit as Chelsea boss came in a defeat as the Blues struck another nail into his coffin.

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