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school paddling / spanking

Corpun videos

A mass caning of 18 schoolboys. A girl and two boys are caned in front of the whole school. Real-life footage of four formal, English-style canings over bending schoolboys' trousers. Caning of young school students. With students of this age and with such an inadequate instrument, this punishment was probably more slightly embarrassing than particularly painful. Schoolboy punishments. Schoolgirls being caned. TV coverage, s. TV news report Oct about a school paddling in Arkansas. The atmosphere is completely serious. He speculates that, for this reason, it may have simply been impractical to discipline him in the usual way, so he had to punish him on the hands instead. Each then receives several lashes across the buttocks from different members of the local community. Several young men are being required to adopt a bending-over position as a punishment in its own right, and in addition receiving strokes of the cane across the seat of their uniform trousers. Seven teenage boys are disciplined with a thick stick. Corpun videos

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Corpun videos

Corpun videos

Corpun videos

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  1. Narr says:

    A group of Christian schools take legal action against the ban on school CP.

  2. Voodoorr says:

    TV news report Feb about an unsuccessful attempt to abolish school paddling in Tennessee.

  3. Faejas says:

    Caning at martial arts academy. The overall impression given is that this is a very common occurrence at the school, implemented inconsistently -- almost randomly -- and for probably trivial reasons, and not taken very seriously by either the master or the boys.

  4. Zolojora says:

    Part of the spanking is shown. Mass punishments of school students. Nine clips of classroom CP.

  5. Minos says:

    The cane, outlawed in , is shown in the Danish School Museum. Video clips: Boys lined up for caning at a college in Rawalpindi 10 seconds In this brief clip from PACE College in or before , a line of senior boys in uniform are facing the wall with their hands up, each receiving one stroke across the seat of the trousers as the teacher moves along them with his long cane.

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