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Sailor Moon all characters power up.

Sailor scouts names and pictures

Yaten is egotistical and nurses grudges, and hates injury. They are reincarnated at the end of the series along with everyone else. In the anime, the Starlights were given a major role. Following the advent of YouTube , several fandubbing projects were conceived to deliver English-language content for Sailormoon fans of the only remaining undubbed season of the show, Sailor Stars. Only later it is revealed that Diana has come from the future and that her mother is Luna. View the list of Sailor Moon character names as an info list or customize your view by switching to slideshow or blog mode. April Learn how and when to remove this template message Luna, Artemis, and Diana[ edit ] The series includes three different cat characters who act as advisors to their respective owners. For some time they supply it with human energy to revive but eventually this stops working. The two even go on a date at an amusement park , which prematurely ends when Sailor Iron Mouse attacks. This story was adapted in Sailor Moon S: She is able to help the Sailor Soldiers on occasion, despite her youth, and often because of the knowledge she had gained in the future. She also becomes good friends with Ami Mizuno. In the live-action series, he is voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi. Sailor scouts names and pictures

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Sailor scouts names and pictures

Sailor scouts names and pictures

Sailor scouts names and pictures

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    Sailor Moon character roles from every season are included, along with the characters' gender, occupation and more.

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    While played by women, it is meant to be ambiguous as to whether or not they take on male forms like in the anime or are cross-dressers like in the manga , though their personalities are clearly from the anime. The Movie ,[ citation needed ] and features Luna's first transformation into a human. Sailor Moon uses her power to purify the Tree, and it disappears.

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    Some fans were insistent on use of original names only: Eventually consensus agreed that using dub names in fic was fine, provided that the author was at least consistent. The card would then rise into the air and Ail would play a tune on his flute which causes the Cardian to come alive.

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    Takeuchi designed the character of Sailor Luna. Most Sailor Moon fansubs were distributed on videotapes.

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