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Speed dating math classroom. Can't find what your looking for...Search Here :).

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Speed Dating in the Classroom - Everyone Gets Engaged

Speed dating math classroom

Will definitely be using this one again. Fun things I saw — it was fun seeing students who sometimes struggle helping other students who were stuck on their expert problem. Differentiation can be built in. Basically the desks were lined up with two desks per pod. This way they truly understand what they are finding when solving a system. Each set contains detailed instructions for setting it up in your classroom. This way, when I assign starting seats, I make sure my struggling students are toward the beginning of the row and my higher students are toward the end. I had 12 groups. I made 12 sets of different equations and numbered each set. They students then exchanged note cards and solved the new problem. When the activity begins, students receive the same problem that their partners across from them receive. I then handed out a set to each group being mindful of the level of difficulty when I initially handed them out. I was blown away! Speed dating math classroom

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Speed dating math classroom

Speed dating math classroom

Speed dating math classroom

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  1. Femuro says:

    Not necessarily a hard task but it is something they need practice on solving. Love them all!

  2. Zululrajas says:

    Here are my top 4 reasons why Math Speed Dating is the perfect cooperative learning activity.

  3. Zulkikasa says:

    This gives students a little more motivation to ask their partner to help them understand a problem—because in a minute they will have to switch partners and solve a similar problem.

  4. Gazuru says:

    I made 12 sets of different equations and numbered each set. This way, lower students become experts at simpler problems and build confidence as they explain these problems to new people.

  5. Tazshura says:

    Also I knew the correct answer was their as well.

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