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Romantic scavenger hunt ideas for boyfriend. Where Mysterious Clues Lead to Intimate Rendevous.

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Romantic scavenger hunt ideas for boyfriend

Naomi Sarah Last Updated: For example, leave a clue with a barista at the coffee shop they visit every morning. However, our typical date night can be, well, typical. They are composed of 5 lines. Organizing this mini treasure hunt at home, and getting someone to run around, deciphering clues and uncovering hidden messages, is absolute fun. When you enter his place, start placing a trail of petals, after every two steps into the apartment. I was SO surprised to find my hubby in the kitchen cooking me a gourmet breakfast before he headed out the door to work. And then, clue 9, will be on the nightstand with our other goodies. Check these out! Step 2: Post love quotes or your couple photos. Place the candles in such a way that you give him direction to other candles with similar notes, leading up to specific candles in a sequence. You could be cute and mysteriously sexy all at once when planning a scavenger hunt, or you could try other ways to be coy. After lunch he presented me with a single rose and a final note. I was laughing and crying! Riddles or Clues? If they love crossword puzzles and deciphering secrets, then riddles would surely be the best option. Romantic scavenger hunt ideas for boyfriend

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Romantic scavenger hunt ideas for boyfriend

Romantic scavenger hunt ideas for boyfriend

Romantic scavenger hunt ideas for boyfriend

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