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Because it requires work and energy. No, parenting is hard because it hurts. We need to ask God to fill us with the grace that runs towards the mess and engages it with love. Because that is real grace. But recently I have come to realize that I may have it wrong. We need a grace that is founded on truth and marked with strength. Get Free Email Updates! Let me tell you, grace is not weak. Lady Susan fits the picture of a graceful woman perfectly. She loves to write and encourage women to follow God with their whole hearts. And it takes everything out of us until we have nothing to stand on but grace itself. Real grace hurts. Because real, graceful Moms do not give into their kids for the sake of peace, but choose the right way, taking the time to train hearts as they go. The grace is right there, waiting for you to grab it with both hands and hold on tight. But she is bewitching and selfish, to the point of trying to win the heart of the man her daughter loves. Gracefulmom

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  1. Kajijin says:

    Mommies, let us flee far from that kind of graceful woman and embrace the grace that is messy.

  2. Groshicage says:

    What if being a graceful Mom means leaning into the hard and the messy and making it through with the grace of God? The perfect words are always on her lips and she believes herself to be faultless. Get Free Email Updates!

  3. Gasho says:

    You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram! And yet…there is something about her that we want.

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