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Sex in the year 3000 ad

In his landmark book, Population Bomb, Professor Paul Ehrlich warned that 'we will breed ourselves into oblivion'. Thirty years later, demographers say he is right - but not in the way he expected. In , Europe had three times the population of Africa; by , Africa will have three times the population of Europe. A tough one to predict. Yet paradoxically, transhuman mental superhealth depends on biological immunity to true comprehension of the nasty stuff elsewhere in the universal wavefunction that even mature superintelligence is impotent to change. Its Ministry of Health and Welfare reports: By the end of the next millennium, Tokyo will be a ghost town, and Japan will be empty. But I say unto you, that ye resist not evil: Dr Curry predicted humans would decline physically and lose key social and interactive skills because of an over-dependence on technology and medical interventions. Today, of course, we live in a highly secularized world, and few people belong to any organized religion… The process of secularization eventually engulfed the entire world; however, it started in Moslem lands about to years after it began in Europe [and] by Christianity had declined so severely that Islam had become the leading religion in the world. Even a few years ago predictions abounded that the exponential growth in the world's population would mean that by around there would be standing room only on the planet. If you are already a member, please log in here: But neuroscience can soon identify the molecular signatures of spiritual experience, refine them, and massively amplify their molecular substrates. Stephen Radley, chief economist at the Henley Centre, the forecasting think-tank, says fiscal fertility schemes are unlikely to have much impact. Sex in the year 3000 ad

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Sex in the year 3000 ad

Sex in the year 3000 ad

Sex in the year 3000 ad

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    Curry predicts that , years from now, mankind will be divided into two distinct subspecies, with a genetic elite moving in ever more exclusive circles. Old habits still died hard. The genetic upper class will, he argues, be increasingly tall, thin, symmetrical, clean, healthy, and creative, while the genetic underclass will be short, stocky, asymmetrical, grubby, unhealthy, and less intelligent.

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    In its heydey… critics complained that Christianity was for many centuries an intolerant ideology, and that it caused many bloody wars and cruel persecutions a remarkable result considering the obviously pacifistic ideas of Jesus. One demographer predicted the impossible, claiming that in the fifth millennium humanity would outweigh the planet itself. In just 10 years, the population of working age will be contracting by 1 per cent a year in Italy, Germany and Japan.

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    By around the year ,he believes communication skills and emotional abilities such as love, sympathy, trust, and respect to have diminished, eroding the abilities of humans to care for others or perform in teams. Already a member? The most catastrophic fall will be in Estonia, which is set to lose more than a third of its population in the next 50 years.

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    Countries hooked on permanent economic growth will have to adapt to permanent recession, as their populations - and economic outputs - dwindle. But nature - and humanity - abhors a vacuum. Peterson writes in his book Gray Dawn:

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