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How to kiss your girlfriend in bed. Watch Next.

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How to kiss your girlfriend in bed

Jan 9, Getty Images If you've come to this page, trying to figure out how to get a kiss on New Year's Eve, then let me say it's simple: Keep the hulk inside Yes, we know how the testosterone inside you will beg you to unleash the hulk and grab your lady love as you kiss her. Use the time instead to talk and caress their body gently, stroking their hair and running your finger along their collar-bone. Shutterstock A kiss can build or break a relationship. Trust us, it's not easy to learn the tricks of a perfect kiss, but like all other skills, kissing too needs a bit of preparation and practice. For help with guys, try this article. We wonder what your mouth would taste by the end of the act. When you give them a treat to find under your clothes, you can really take them by surprise, especially if you're not the sort of person that usually does that kind of thing. Not always. No lips, no give-and-take. It may be difficult at first, but try practicing this in front of a mirror because your body language speaks volumes. It's a good idea to try to choose a movie which has significance to the two of you. How to kiss your girlfriend in bed

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How to kiss your girlfriend in bed

How to kiss your girlfriend in bed

How to kiss your girlfriend in bed

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    It's up to you but having sexy, romantic pictures of each other will be great to gave around. When I'm with you, I feel like I have my compass. Chocolate body paint is a great way to get romantic and delicious with your partner.

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